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Oriental Products
 & Trading co. Inc
Since 1983



Phone /Text: (214) 747-7120
Phone /Text: (404) 880-9233
Fax:(214) 747-9998

E Mail: sales@optco.us

Our Company Showroom
Dallas World Trade Center.
2050 N Stemmons Freeway.
8th Floor Showroom # 8567
Dallas, TX 75207

Our Dallas Home Office
9136 Viscount Row
Dallas, TX 75247






You can pickup your order at our
Dallas Home Office

9136 Viscount Row
Dallas, TX 75247
Please call in advance







Designer Baby Bibs.
Made with extra soft and high grade knitted cotton.
Toddler and Baby sizes.
We carry huge selections of color and the basic white, blue and pink color
Please call for prices.

Bib. Chevron  Toddler / Baby.
Toddler and Baby Size.

Bib. Chevron Designs.
Toddler and Baby size bib.

Bib Chevron Designs.
Toddler and Baby size bib.


Bib. Brown / Raspberry
Toddler Size.

Bib Toddler size
Purple and Gold.

Bib. Black / Red Trim
Toddler Size.

Cream with
Camel color trims.

Camel with Cream Trim
Toddler Size Bib.

Bib. White / Blue. Toddler

Bib Toddler size

Zebra White Trims
Toddler size bib.

Toddler and Baby size.

Bib. Toddler size
Available Baby size

Bib. Giraffe Prints
Toddler / Baby size

Zebra Hot Pink Trims
Toddler size bib.

White / Macaw Green
Toddler Size

Bib. White / Brown
Toddler Size.

Bib. Raspberry Toddler.

Bib. White/Red Toddler

Bib. Toddler size
Burgundy color

Bib. Toddler size
Imperial Purple color

Bib. Toddler size
Red color

Bib. Toddler size
Flame Orange color

Bib. Toddler size
French Blue color

Bib. Toddler Size
Gold color

Bib. Toddler size
Sweet Lavender color

Bib. Toddler Size
Aqua color.




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