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Oriental Products Baby Clothing Company,Inc
Baby Fashions &
Baby Accessories.
Home Textiles

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Baby Fashions Products
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Oriental Products
Baby Clothing Company, Inc
Since 1983

Baby Fashions
Home Textiles
Tote Bags

Tel: (214) 747-7120
Tel: (404) 880-9233
Fax:(214) 747-9998

E Mail: sales@optco.us

Our Showrooms:

Georgia Showroom:
Atlanta Apparel Mart Building.
Building # 3. 13th Floor.
Showroom #102B.

Atlanta Apparel Mart
250 Ted Turner Dr NW
Suite 13-N-102B
Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel: 404.880.9233

Texas Showroom:
Dallas World Trade Center.
2050 N Stemmons Freeway.
8th Floor Showroom # 8567
Dallas, TX 75207

9136 Viscount Row
Dallas, TX 75247


You can pickup your order
at our
Dallas Office
9136 Viscount Row
Dallas, TX 75247
Please call in advance






Baby Clothing & Baby Accessories.

Home Textiles & Accessories.



Atlanta Market Center Showroom.
Building 3. (Atlanta Apparel Building.)
13th Floor. # 13-N-102. Front Atrium.

Dallas Market Center Showroom.
8th Floor. Backside Hallway.
Showroom # 8567

Our Dallas World Trade Center Showroom will open all the times, plus
Special Events.

Our Dallas Showroom
@Dallas World Trade Center
Open Daily.
Call for appointments. @214-747-7120

Our company is not a retail operation, we are not selling to the general public.
We make only specific products for selected business store owners only.

Attention NEW buyers:
First order must $100.00 or more.
Repeat orders $100.00 or more.

You can pick up your order in our Dallas showroom.
(The Dallas World Trade Center) (North of downtown
Dallas) (by I-35E)
Exit at the Market Center Blvd.
2050 N Stemmons Freeway.
Showroom 8567 (8th floor, backside).


Welcome You to visit our
Dallas Showroom / Office
9136 Viscount Row
Dallas, TX 75247
Tel: 214-747-7120

Call in your order, we will pack your merchandises and will shipped by UPS
Tel: (214) 747-7120. OR  (404) 880-9233 
Monday through Friday) 9am - 6pm (US. Central Time)

We will not selling our merchandise to general public or internet stores etc.,
Store owner must have a real retail store and with your
State Sales Tax Permit / registrations.




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